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I bought a rainforest DVD (Institutional rights)

I bought a rainforest DVD (Institutional rights)

Institutional rights are aimed for viewings in organized groups such as: schools, prisons, study & youth activities, church congregations, youthcenters, compounds, military bases, municipal and state administrations, enterprises, organizations, hospitals or retirement homes.

Jacob Andrén, an ordinary kid going to school in the 80's, was, as at many schools in the western world, involved in fundraising actions to "save the rainforest" Their teachers urged them to help by "buying a tree".
Now a grown up young man he is wondering about what happened to all those trees that he and his classmates bought with the money they made by selling stuff on the flea market. He remembers getting a certificate, but that was 20 years ago. Jacob decides to buy a plane ticket to try to find his tree and to find out if their effort did make a difference.

Picture: PAL 16:9 Widescreen

Sound: Stereo
Category: Documentary
Original title: Jag köpte en regnskog
Length: 58 min + Extramaterial
Language: Spanish, English, Swedish
Voice: English, Swedish
English, Swedish

Region: 2
Year of release: 2010

Director: Jacob Andrén, Helena Nygren   
Company: WG Film

I bought a rainforest DVD (Institutional rights)

"When I was 8 years old I bought a rainforest..."
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Poster - I bought a rainforest
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