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The death of a working manīs newspaper DVD (Institutional rights)

The death of a working manīs newspaper DVD (Institutional rights)

Institutional rights are aimed for viewings in organized groups such as: schools, prisons, study & youth activities, church congregations, youthcenters, compounds, military bases, municipal and state administrations, enterprises, organizations, hospitals or retirement homes.

Although it had been in existance for 113 years, Arbetet, a Malmö newspaper, was in its death throes by September 2000. A miracle would be needed to save it. LO, The Swedish Confederation of Trade Union, is rich but refuses to offer the newspaper any financial help. The turning point comes four days before the last issue is due to be published: a well-known building contractor is prepared to invest 40 million Kronor in Arbetet. Hope is kindled afresh…
”The death of a working man´s newspaper” was the irate headline chosen by Mats Ekdahl, the editor-in chief, for the edition of Arbetet on Saturday September 23rd. 2000 when the betrayal was complete. Fredrik Gertten, together with his colleagues Erik Bäfving and Ulf Södergren, filmed day and night throughout the historic week that Arbetet died.


Picture: PAL 16:9 Widescreen

Sound: Stereo
Genre: Documentary
Original title: Mordet på en tidning
Length: 50 min
Language: Swedish 
Subtitles: Swedish, English
Region: Region free
Release year: 2001

Director(s): Fredrik Gertten     
Company: WG Fil
m, Sweden

The death of a working manīs newspaper DVD (Institutional rights)

The documentary about the paper Arbetet
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Description: The death of a working manīs newspaper (INSTITUTIONAL USE)
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