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Walking on water DVD (Institutional rights)

Walking on water DVD (Institutional rights)

Institutional rights are aimed for viewings in organized groups such as: schools, prisons, study & youth activities, church congregations, youthcenters, compounds, military bases, municipal and state administrations, enterprises, organizations, hospitals or retirement homes.

This is a film about people who builds a bridge. A film about people who love a bridge. A film about people who hates it.
Above all the film is about some of the thousands of people who have worked on it, such as Stig: a crane-driver who longs to visit Rio and one morning meets Jill, who is opposed to the bridge and is at the top of his crane, chained to it.

Then there is Vagge, a concreter who keeps ringing home to his fiancee to ask how the dog is. We also meet Sven, the director of the company building the bridge, and witness his restrained joy as the bridge grows. There is also Janne, a single woman working in the tunnel factory, who is suddenly chosen to participate in a Danish television show: Expedition Robinson.

Picture: PAL 16:9 Widescreen

Sound: Stereo
Genre: Documentary
Original title: Gå på vatten
Length: 1h 20 min
Language: Swedish, Danish 
Subtitles: Swedish, English, Dansk, Portugûés, Francais
Region: Region free
Release year: 2000

Director(s): Lars Westman, Fredrik Gertten    
Company: WG Film, Sweden

Walking on water DVD (Institutional rights)

A film about people who love a bridge and the ones who hate it.
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Poster - Gå på vatten
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