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Blådårar 1&2 (True Blue 1&2)

Blådårar 1&2 (True Blue 1&2)

True Blue 1

These are the words used by writer Björn Ranelid to explain the feelings a devoted fan has for his team.
This documentary presents the supporters of Malmö FF, who will do anything for their team whether they win or lose. True Blue fans don´t mind if they have to drive 1500 miles to Croatia for a cup match to cheer on their team, no matter what weather may be.
True Blue 2
The legendary football team Malmö FF has been kicked out of the Swedish Premier League for the first time in 64 years. The camera captures the despair in the faces of the players and leaders afterwards in the locker room.
A young guy with an immigrant background gets an important role in the team. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is described as being the greatest talent in Swedish football ever. However, his cocky attitude creates problems in the team. Zlatan has to control his temperament and learn that football is a team sport.

Picture: PAL 16:9 Widescreen

Sound: Stereo
Genre: Documentary
Original title: Blådårar
Length: 2h 40 min
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: Swedish, English
Region: 2 (Europa)
Release year: 1998 & 2002

Director(s): F. Gertten, M. Gertten, S. Berg     
Company: WG Film, Sweden

Blådårar 1&2 (True Blue 1&2)

A film for anyone who ever supported a team, be it Malmö FF or any other.
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